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"I was having trouble with stress, anxiety and distinct feelings of overwhelm, to the point where my personality and body would shut down. I would avoid socialising and avoid seeking the help that the back of my mind knew I should seek. Waking up was exhausting and I didn't look forward to the day. Being a HSP also enforced this energy loss as I take on a lot of the emotions of the people around me; the hyper-awareness was somewhat debilitating. This usually meant that I could not translate how I was feeling to my partner, nor could I even recognise this aptly myself.

After seeking out Carole's help, I have been enlightened. We did Body Tracing and Embodied Processing of my younger self and the childhood emotions I felt I had to retain. This enabled Carole and myself to reach out and help the younger part of me that wants to have fun and enjoy life, but felt shackled because I felt I had to become an adult before I could even experience childhood. This has reminded me to listen to the child within me and respect that we all have desires to have fun and reap the joys of life without feeling the need to self-flagellate.


Instead of feeling guilty in some of the decisions I now make, I take pride in being honest with how I feel about them, and why I want to do them. Carole taught me body tracing, grounding, and breathing exercises that I now implement regardless of whether I feel overwhelmed or not. I meditate and journal to try and understand my thoughts better (we are not our thoughts), I have started running most mornings to get sunlight in my eyes (circadian rhythm), and have changed my diet to one that works for me, and not against me. It is incredibly exciting to feel like I can enjoy life again!"

Anonymous, Client

"I would highly recommend Carole to anyone who is struggling with life right now, in any form - be it pain, anxiety, or stress. She has been wonderful with me and always has a habit of calming me down within minutes. I’ve gotten to know her really well over the last year, and she has a way about her where she absolutely reads your mind!


I'm in a much better place these days, but there were many times when I was feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, and she would find a way of calming me - she has many tools in her toolbox, and she knows how and when to use them. Carole would be firm with me as well when needed, and her wisdom shines through.


It’s been a journey but I’m far better now, thanks to Carole xx"

Alex, Client

"Carole understood me from Day 1. She is perceptive and sensitive, she cares. This is not just a job to her. She gives her all; she becomes a dear friend.

She understands Fibromyalgia, having had it herself. She gave me hope when my rheumatologist just told me to lose weight, get fit and practice mindfulness - if only it was that simple! As for the pain, well that didn't even get a mention. 


I am now well on the way to recovery, and have learned such a lot about myself and chronic pain. This is all due to Carole and SIRPA.  


Thanks to you all."

Jane, Client

"Carole has been an invaluable regular presence for me over the last 6 months, and she has helped me take a big leap in my quest towards achieving harmony and ultimately good health. She is grounding and calming, and even on the other side of the world it is like she reaches through zoom to give a reassuring hug! Carole regularly sent me a wealth of resources that she tailored for my needs and gently allowed me to recognise patterns that were rooted in the past and use practical methods to move forward. I wholeheartedly recommend Carole for anyone who feels like they are stalled in their healing journey."

Rebecca, Client

"I came to Carole having reached a real low point with chronic pain and emotional distress which I
was struggling with on a daily basis not knowing where to turn. From the first session I felt at ease
with Carole and trusted her enough to open up about what had been going on. Carole listened to me
with compassion and during the course of our sessions gave me much valuable information and
strategies to help me manage my pain and my emotions. I learnt a lot about myself during the
process and it helped me make connections as to why I do or think certain ways due to my personal
history. I am not yet pain free, but I continue to employ the knowledge and ‘tools’ that Carole
introduced me to which help me to cope much more effectively, whilst I continue to work on
recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend Carole to anyone that needs help as I believe she truly
cares about her clients and is a fountain of knowledge and experience."

Gina, Client

"Carole is kind, insightful, and experienced, the ideal person to help those facing chronic pain."

Patrick, Client

"I have had chronic upper back pain for a number of years.  I discovered Carole through Georgie Oldfield and SIRPA.  Carole is a trained SIRPA practitioner and a psychotherapist.  I am not yet cured but have benefited enormously from my association with Carole.  I have learnt so much about the mind body and so much about myself through my time with Carole.  Carole is truly a lovely, sensitive and open person to talk with.  You can literally talk to her about anything, even those things you might not wish to discuss with your partner or closest friends.  She is understanding and empathetic to your problems and has even discussed her own life challenges with me.  She will restore your self confidence and show you that healing is possible for everyone.  I always enjoyed very much our sessions and looked forward to the next one each time we met on-line.

I would highly recommend Carole to anyone looking for help with a chronic health condition.  She is truly a wonderful, informed and supportive guide through healing. Good luck!"

Fred, Client

"After a year and a half of working from home and the uncertainty of Covid followed by damaging my hearing I tipped into Clinical anxiety. Leaving the house became difficult along with general day to day functioning. Carole engaged with me with genuine concern for my welfare and in between online meetings she would correspond by text and email. Over 10 sessions and countless texts and emails I recovered to the point I was able to return to working on site which was 200 miles from home. I would say my recovery was nothing short of a Miracle. Thank you Carole "

Pete, Client

"During a particularly difficult time, Carole helped me separate reality from the confusing and depressing thoughts constantly running around my head.  She helped me gain insights into who I was and what I really needed and how to cope with the maelstrom of events in my life.  Carole is a warm, engaging and thoughtful listener and really seemed to understand me and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who needs similar guidance."

Anonymous, Client

"Carole is an extremely caring therapist who provides highly accurate insight for her clients.  Her understanding of Tension Myositis Syndrome coupled with her intuition and empathy, make her someone who can provide invaluable help along the road to recovery for those suffering from chronic pain.  I very much valued the sessions that I had with Carole and felt that she helped me with her calm understanding and compassionate presence.  I would recommend her to anyone struggling with pain and trying to make sense of it in their lives and in their steps to overcome it.  Seeing Carole is a great investment in your own recovery."

Simone, Client

"I found Carole to be a warm and empathetic therapist.  I always felt heard and validated.  She has a real gift for seeing beyond what is shared, to the underlying issues, helping me to see things from a new perspective.  I now feel much more able to take care of myself and realise my needs are just as important as everyone else's and to make them more of a priority.  This was a whole new concept for me and one I intend to continue working on.  Thank you Carole."

Anonymous, Client

"Carole is a very genuine and warm person with a great sense of humour. Gave me many tips, advice and tools to help me deal with my chronic back pain. Definitely made me think outside the box! What's more,  Carole got straight into the cause of my back pain - emotional stress. This is something I had suspected for years. It was Carole who finally made me realise the truth of my situation. I would definitely recommend Carole as a person to help you on your path to pain recovery."

Sue O, Client

Honestly,  I don’t know what I would do without Carole Randell.  I have been sick a really long time, pretty much since the age of 19.  I didn’t see it for what it was and now I’m 52.   


It all started with chronic fatigue and headaches 24 seven.  The chronic fatigue over three years gradually got worse to the point I was sleeping 22 hours a day.   I actually had to be woken up for food and drinks.  After seeing over twenty medical doctors, Neurologists,  Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Western medicine not helping, I then tried at different times, four Naturopathic (whole health practitioners) and three nutritionists.  After spending thousands and thousands of dollars for appointments, supplements, medicine and nutritional support; and still not finding the relief I needed.  (If you’ve ever been put on a mix of depression medicine, omeperazole, gabapentin and the like and all that fails, it’s time to do something different.).  I knew there had to be another part of me that had to be addressed but I couldn’t put my finger on it or find the right person to help me.   


Until I found Carole! 


Carole understands!!  Finally someone gets me and my depression and the pain and fatigue.  Carole’s been there, done that and worn the t-shirt.   Carole has such laser vision and quickly knows the questions to ask you to help you think and re-think and maybe dig a little or a lot.  Carole has helped me see things differently, question myself differently all without any JUDGEMENT!  I think I have felt judged and unheard most if not all of my life.  Carole helped me realise that, and then has helped guide me into living a more calm, self accepting life.  If you have been labeled or diagnosed of having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Fibromyalgia or having Chronic Unresolved Pain throughout your body; do it for YOU! And reach out to Carol, I promise you will not regret it.  If you’ve been searching a long time and feel in your heart of hearts there must be an answer and that you know your life wasn’t meant to be like this, reach out to Carole.  I have made leaps and bounds in less than seven months and it's all because I felt very safe to be vulnerable with Carole, which is huge in this process of recovery. Carole will help you walk in the right direction.  I just love her.

Joanne, Client

“I began seeing Carole when I was in a really bad place. My pain symptoms were debilitating and I had no hope. My anxiety and depression was also quite awful and I couldn’t function in my job or in life. 

Carole has been a support to me throughout this journey- and I have much better control over my symptoms and I have seen about a 40% reduction in my pain. The impatient side of me wants to see more, and I will get there! But in the waiting, I enjoy the “now” and Carole is with me. She is always available! I have rediscovered my zest for life again and my mind, body and spirit has found better balance. Carole is also giving me the confidence to pursue my dreams. Book in with Carole today- you won’t look back!”

Charlie, Client

“I have found Carole excellent in our therapy sessions. We were able to identify that the physical pain I have is mainly emotional in nature and work on what is needed to help release this and implement techniques to help with emotions in general, including journaling, a focus on body sensations, breath and self soothing and care. 

In a short space of time I have managed to set some well needed boundaries in my family and personal life. Carole was able to help me understand and identify dysfunctional family patterns and help coach me to stand firm in changing these patterns by changing how I respond. Carole has been helping me to identify my strengths and we are working on slow transformation so that I start to integrate what I am learning with her into more positive life changes.

Carole is intuitive and able to see a bigger picture, she has very good listening and reflection skills, offers some helpful holistic tools for me to draw on and has a lovely caring nature. It is very reassuring that Carole offers support if needed in between therapy sessions. I would highly recommend Carole to help if you are in physical or emotional pain, feel stuck or want to make positive changes in your life.”

Amba, Client

“Working with Carole has been a wonderful experience; our work together has resulted in significant positive changes in my life which have brought me a lot of joy. It has also released a lot of hurt which has been with me for a long time.  She creates a safe space where I feel comfortable discussing anything and never feel judged. She always acts with compassion and kindness, but also knows when to be firm with me!  She has many tools in her toolbox so whatever comes up she has the ability to draw upon her experience and be flexible in her approach to each session.  I would absolutely recommend working with Carole, anyone who can get me to open up, and laugh in amongst the tears, is worth their weight in gold!”

Anna, Client

“I am so pleased that I found Carole. She has successfully dealt with her own challenges.  As a result the advice she gives is tried, tested and based on what she knows has worked for her.  Having such an impressive role model has motivated me and given me the confidence to improve my own life.  She is a lovely lady who provides lots of support along the way.  I couldn't recommend her more.”

Anonymous, Client

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