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Pathway To Recovery: The Gift Of Peace

A tailored recovery plan, supporting both emotional & physical issues.

  • 1 hour
  • Online Session

Service Description

This package is an individually tailored recovery plan that includes 1 -1 support with 2 qualified accredited practitioners. The package is made up of 10 1-1 sessions with an accredited specialist practitioner, plus 4 sessions with a nutritionist, making for a total of 14 sessions. Supporting the Emotional: What is it that is weighing you down? Childhood stress & trauma? The stress of modern living? Family dynamics? Self-induced pressures? Work? Relationships? Any or all of these can result in a loss of sense of self, and this is where emotional support is so important. Supporting the Physical: We know that with prolonged, continued stress and lifestyle challenges, our Adrenals can become compromised, our sleep is not restful, and we often self medicate using sugar, alcohol or fast foods, looking for external ways to self soothe. We know that good sleep, movement and good nutrition support our emotional health and wellbeing, and these principles work hand in hand to making a full recovery. This investment is a total of £1950, with an upfront deposit of £550. This is followed by 14 equal payments of £100, payable 48 hours before each session.

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