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Pathway To Recovery: The Gift Of Peace

The foundations of recovery start with looking at 8 areas of your life

  • 30 minutes
  • Online Session

Service Description

A blended approach to recovery using a Psychophysiological approach to relieve chronic pain and other physical symptoms by assessing for and treating current life stresses, past traumas, suppressed emotions and the prolonged impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s). This package includes an individually tailored recovery plan that includes 1 -1 support with a qualified accredited practitioner. Our bodies do truly hold the score for all that life throws at us. What is weighing you down? Childhood stress and trauma, modern living, family, self induced pressures can all result in a loss of sense of self. In this 12 hours of 1-1 package we look at your physical symptoms, current challenges, how these are impacting you and what changes you would like to make, and if you don’t address these, how will this affect you going forward. The foundations of recovery start with looking at 8 areas of your life: Relationships, Emotional health, Life Purpose, Lifestyle and Pace, Freedom and Fun, Movement, Nutrition and Environment. This package of care is an investment of £1950. A deposit of £610 is required followed by 12 sessions at £100 followed by one final payment of £140.