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Pathway to Recovery: Reframe

Learn the 'why' behind your pain and gain the tools to help manage it.

  • 1 hour
  • Online Session

Service Description

This package includes 6 hours of 1-1 sessions with an accredited specialist practitioner. Living with daily pain is challenging and full of uncertainty. You may have felt like a medical anomaly, being passed from doctor to doctor, trying to make sense of what was going on, and you have had no clear explanation of why this might be happening. The pain itself brings uncertainty, an activity may cause pain one day, and not the next. How can you plan and think about the future when your pain changes every day? In these sessions you will learn about, and have an explanation for the cause of your pain – how basic neural mechanisms and nerve hypersensitivities create your experiences, but more importantly how to change and alter those neural pathways. We also know that the unpredictable nature of pain symptoms can lead to overthinking, over planning, and avoidance. When surrounded by unknowns in the present, it can be difficult to know how to think about the future. What you need to know: • Explaining the mechanism of pain can help you to understand your experience, which may also reduce anxiety. • A positive “end goal” can give purpose and direction, to create a more optimistic outlook. • Using positive language when talking about pain, rather than terms associated with injury and disability, can create a more affirmative outlook. These 6 sessions will help you to develop achievable goals, gain insights into the ‘why’ behind your chronic pain and unexplained symptoms, and will also help you to create your own toolbox of techniques to draw on when you are triggered. This investment is a total of £750, with an upfront deposit of £150. This is followed by 6 equal payments of £100, which are payable 48 hours before each session.

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