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Pathway To Recovery: Rebalance

Learn to relieve and not just manage your Chronic Pain.

  • 30 minutes

Service Description

This package includes 10 hours of 1 -1 sessions with an accredited specialist practitioner. Learn to relieve not just manage your Chronic Pain by looking at your current life stresses, past traumas, suppressed emotions and the prolonged impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s). We can support you to unlearn your physical responses to your hidden emotional challenges. At the end of your 10 hours you will have your own individualised tool kit and be in a much better place to understand your triggers, and gain a greater relief in symptoms. This package of care is a total of £1350 with an upfront deposit of £350 followed by 10 equal payments of 100 payable 48 hours before each session. Book a Discovery Call to find out more.